Online Shooting Games

Online shooting games

Online shooting games let you go all-out and fire away at your foes, whether it’s in a frantic battle for survival or a tactical quest to save a hostage. While many games offer this type of gameplay, the best shooters excel at their fast-paced action and high levels of tension. From the first modern Doom reboot that re-defined the FPS genre to Doom Eternal which continues to push the boundaries of this exciting gaming sub-genre, these games put players in the firing line – and their next move could make or break their victory.

Aside from the obvious gunplay, these games require a wide range of other skills to succeed. Some are rhythm action puzzlers, where the player must fire at the right time to overcome an enemy wave; others, like Counter Strike or PUBG, require players to make quick decisions while being constantly on the move. Some of these games even offer players a whole arsenal of weapons, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, a shotgun is good for close-range combat but is messy and inefficient over long distances, while a sniper rifle can offer pinpoint accuracy over longer distances, but is less effective at close range.

The most popular gun games also involve teamwork, either with AI bots or human opponents. This can add another element of strategy and social interaction to the game, but it can also lead to frustration when the team fails to gel together. However, the best team-based shooters also help players to improve their own gameplay by learning from the mistakes of their peers and taking inspiration from the successes of their rivals.

For example, the classic NES game Duck Hunt taught players how to use the Zapper to shoot multiple ducks at once, while the more recent Call of Duty series has introduced players to the thrill of being on the front line in real-time military missions with other human players. Some experts, such as neuroscientist Dr Adam Gazzaley, have suggested that playing these kinds of games can have a positive effect on cognitive abilities including focus and multi-tasking.

There are a number of ways to play these games, with some taking advantage of the full range of modern PC hardware – while others work well on mobile devices. For example, the free-to-play FPS game Warface Global Operation takes full advantage of the powerful graphics capabilities of a newer phone, while Shell Shockers and Krunker have a more retro feel, with graphics reminiscent of early computer games.

All of these games are available to play for free on LittleGames, and can be enjoyed on any device. Just choose the title that you’d like to play and follow the links to start exploring a world of gun-toting fun!


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